About Reconciliation Banyule

Our committee meets monthly. Our members and supporters work together in many ways to help to improve awareness of Indigenous issues and progress reconciliation in Banyule and Melbourne.


  1. To support Australia’s First Peoples and their organisations to have a Voice and Self Determination in their affairs.

  2. To help the people of Banyule understand the history and culture of the Indigenous people and the wrongs done in the past, the impacts of which are still with us.

  3. To work with the City of Banyule to develop policies and take actions that will acknowledge, and bring others to understand and support the unique role of the traditional custodians of this land.

  4. To identify and urge protection of indigenous sites in the City of Banyule, and to educate the community about the cultural significance of these sites.

  5. To facilitate and promote opportunities for learning to take place between indigenous and non-indigenous groups within and beyond Banyule.

  6. To encourage residents from both indigenous and non-indigenous backgrounds to explore issues together and develop relationships.

  7. To develop relationships with other groups pursuing similar goals in other municipalities with the aim of encouraging and learning from each other.

  8. To encourage wide participation in the work of Reconciliation Banyule to work together in pursuit of genuine Reconciliation.



You can download information about Reconciliation Banyule:

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We work closely with Banyule CIty Council, offering advice and helping to keep reconciliation and Aboriginal needs on the Council's agenda.

We are supported by Reconciliation Victoria and ANTaR Victoria, and regularly take part in their local reconciliation group forums.

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