About Reconciliation Banyule

Our group meets once a month to discuss how we can help to improve awareness of Indigenous issues and progress reconciliation in Banyule and Melbourne.

Our vision

  • For all Australians to live together in justice, harmony and with respect for one another.

  • That all Australians acknowledge Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders as the traditional owners of this land.

  • That wrongs of the past will be acknowledged and corrections made where possible.


We attend local events to create awareness and offer information to the public. 

Our members also attend town meetings and ensure we raise a voice for reconciliation whenever Councillors, State MPs and Federal MPs hold public forums. 


We work closely with Banyule CIty Council, offering advice and helping to keep reconciliation and Aboriginal needs on the Council's agenda. 

We are supported by Reconciliation Victoria and ANTaR Victoria, and regularly take part in their local reconciliation group forums.